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Visiting Washington DC : Introduction and page one of Visiting Washington DC introduces you to why Washington DC is a great city worth visiting, due to how easy it is to get around, and the affordability of its attractions.
Place to Visit in Washington dc : Page two of Visiting Washington DC will speak of the Smithsonian, which contains sixteen museums which are great places to visit in Washington dc.
Washington dc tourist attraction : Page three of Visiting Washington DC will give you basic about one of Washington dc's main tourist attractions, The Capitol.
Washington, D.C tourism : Page four of Visiting Washington DC will show you some of Washington DC's more special monuments and contains our closing statement on Visiting Washington DC.

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Visitingwashingtondc.com is a web site dedicated to providing free and useful information to people who are planning to visit Washington, D.C. Since 2006, we have noticed that in spite of the current economy, interest in visiting Washington DC is at an all time high. Our goal is to continue to provide useful articles for those of you who plan on visiting our glorious nations capitol, Washington D.C.

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